Final Images

Here are the final edited images from the shoot! 
After all the hard work i think it all paid off in the end, lots of sleepless nights in which a sewing machine and glue gun became my new best friends is finally over. 


Behind the scenes...

The day of the shoot was so stressful and took allot of hard work transporting all the props, I had to hire a huge van..and then attempt to drive it to Bournemouth gardens which was interesting! As well as being a  long day it was really gratifying seeing all my sets take shape as up until then it had all been planned out on paper. The day was a success and the final images will be up soon!


Final Housewife shoot...




I worked with a photographer to produce the props for this 'Housewife' themed shoot, avertising designer shoes.



These are the hats that ive been making, just something i was doing alongside my project to put in my portfolio.

Astro turf chair

Ive covered an armchair with astro turf and foliage, Alice will be sat on the chair and when its outside  it will blend in with the location.

Alice's dress

Alice's dress...ive used pages from books to represent the story within the skirt, keeping it fairy tale theme.